D.A.R.E Essay

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D.A.R.E. is a program that influences kids to stay away from drugs.  Every 6th grade class had to read their’s in front of the class.  So heres one of the many essays and this ones mine.

In D.A.R.E. Deputy Thomas has taught us a lot about drugs but the most important thing that I’ve learned from him is to never try them.  Never be around anyone under the influence of drugs, alcohol, or tobacco.  They could get you hurt or worse.  The D.A.R.E. decision making model stands for Define, Assess, Respond, Evaluate.  The actual meaning of D.A.R.E is Drug, Abuse, Resistance, Education.

Something I learned from D.A.R.E. is that Cigarettes contain nicotine, a powerful substance that causes addiction, and smoking is the #1 cause of lung cancer.  Smokers also have more colds and upper respiratory problems.

Deputy Thomas brought in the black lung and Smokin Susie and her boyfriend Mr.Dip-lip.  Smokin Susie is the doll he brought in to show us how much smoking can effect your lungs.  Mr.Dip-lip was an example of a tobacco chewer and he showed us how rotted the teeth were and how blistered his gums were.  Then Deputy Thomas introduced us to the jar of tar.  That jar was full of how much tar accumulated in 10 years of chewing tobacco in your body.  That was a lot of tar.  He also brought in the D.U.I Goggles.  They showed what it looked like to be in the alcoholics point of view.  He through a tennis ball for us to catch with the goggles on and we also had to walk down a line of tape and they were both hard.  Everything was sidewards swirly.  I’m pretty sure I walked way off the line and I didn’t catch the tennis ball at all.  We also played D.A.R.E family feud.  Your group had to answer the questions right.  The questions were about smoking, tobacco, marijuana, alcohol, peer pressure, and drugs.  He was testing us because by the time D.A.R.E. is over we have to be able to name 3 of the 5 types of peer pressure.  They are Heavy, Indirect, Tease, Friendly, Positive.  So I think I should be able to name at least 3.

I would never try drugs because there addicting and I like to play sports.  If they find that you have been taking drugs then you can’t play sports.  Smoking also causes your teeth to turn yellow and your breath to smell bad.

I  Katie, pledge to never try drugs, alcohol, smoke, chew tobacco, marijuana, or let peer pressure influence me.  I’m going to play sports and be drug free.


What Pulls You In as a Reader? Suspence . . . Action . . .

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Have you ever had a book that was so good that you just couldn’t put down, or it kept you wondering so you had to finish it?  In Language Arts the assignment was to tell what made you want to keep reading the book.  Chasing Yesterday is the same way.

The Chasing Yesterday series has so much suspense that it makes it hard to put down.  The action is hardly bearable.  So many things happen at once and the characters always get in some kind of trouble.

J.D, one of the main characters gets into a mess of trouble to where she can’t remember anything she has done since she was a baby.  Except for the false information Ansel Sykes has put in her head.  Wouldn’t that be a scary scene for a 13-year-old girl.

Acts of Kindness from the Students of Laurelville

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In the Reading Workshop we were assigned to post a comment about our thoughts of the Liberty Mutual Commercial.

A question off the Reading Workshop said . . .

What about it students? Have you seen someone that you think should be included? What did they do that modeled responsibility towards others?

This is what I wrote.

Certain acts of kindness that I have seen are ones from out of the blue and when you least expect it, so many little things that make a difference happen…

I’ve seen many acts of kindness at school but none like this.  Kasi.R fell and badly sprained her elbow.  The next day she came to school and my mouth dropped wide open because her elbow was wrapped in gauss and a sling was hanging around her neck with a swollen elbow in it.

Kasi has a hard time carrying her books from class to class.  So Heather carried Kasi’s books to the next classroom even though she was capable of doing it on her own.

Kasi said that Heather didn’t have to do that for her but that act of kindness shows me that there are people who care for others like,  Hannah Har. An amazing friend who likes to recognize people for their good deeds.  She is one of the many people who help out and brighten up the faces at Laurelville.

S.S Info

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As a combined assignment in Social Studies and Language Arts, the class had to choose from a pharaoh of the following and write about their lives and how the development of their nation began.

Menes                              Hatshepsut Sargon

Khufu                                Ahmose                                Hammurabi

I choose Hatshepsut.  Heres how her life as a pharaoh began . . . Hatshepsut was the wife of the Pharaoh Thutmose II, actually her half-brother.  After her husband died her nephew was in line next to be pharaoh but Hatshepsut thought he was to young so she took over and became a pharaoh on her own.  It is a belief that she poisoned her husband just so she could be the ruler of the nation.

She ruled over an empire there.  The river closest to the empire was the Nile River. She made an impact on the development of her civilization by becoming pharaoh and ruling over the civilization.  Hatshepsut pretended to be a male so it would be easier for her to become pharaoh.  The picture to the left is the temple or otherwise what Hatshepsut and everyone in the nation lived in.  She also made an impact by expanding trade routes through Punt.  Egyptians trade things like gold and bronze weapons.

As a Female pharaoh she was pictured with a beard to show beauty for the afterlife.  Their organs were put in a jar of water to keep reserved.  The organs were put around them to take into the afterlife.  The afterlife is a place Egyptians believed they went after death.  Only male pharaohs wore head dresses into the afterlife to represent their beauty.

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My Parents Hopes and Dreams for me

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On the Reading Workshop our assignment was to have our parents write a post about what their hopes and dreams for their children are.  Here is the one my mom wrote . . .

God has truly blessed us with Katie. Keep things simple and true to yourself. I hope and dream that you will find that spot where you explode with talent, and you character blossoms, and the gift you have to offer the world is found. There will be challenges in your future where you are not always happy and content. It will feel like work, it’s hard, but remember to live strong. Keep God, family, and friends near to your heart, they will help you along the way.

Poem Topics

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In The Reading Workshop my teacher gave us an assignment to think of possible  topics to start a poem.  Here are some I thought of . . .

  1. The Best year ever in soccer when we were undeafeated
  2. The battle between Mrs. Stevenson and Mr. McGuire
  3. The best band ever at Laurelville Elementary
  4. My sisters cat and the cat nip
  5. Heather, the best friend ever
  6. The sister that never stops humming a tune
  7. The eyes that almost had me on the gymnastics team
  8. Dad, the one that is 38 years old and rode a skateboard for the first time
  9. The best season, my birthday season, the one with all the colors

In school poem assignments

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In school we have been on a poem page and I have a feeling that it’s not going to end anytime soon.  Below, there are some poems that the whole class was assignment to write.  Our Languge Arts teacher at Laurelville Elementary told us to write a poem that made the reader picture what we wrote.  The poems from other classes turned out great.  To see the rest of them go to the Reading Workshop.